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Presidential Wings - Columbia, SC


Join me and fellow Presidents from the Columbia area for Presidential
Wings - Wednesday night at 6:30pm at Hooters on Broad River south of
I-20.  As an added bonus, Wednesday night is Trivia Night (starts at
8pm).  Alan Courtney, Robert Jenkins and I were tied for first place
before the final question... which we blew big-time.  Help us avenge our

See you at Hooters.

Robert Munday...  Montgomery, Alabama    `98 R11CHP   `95 R1100RSL
Village Idiot   Rolling Broccoli Rider   BOOF #131    SR #2   NFO #2
Nebraska Nightriders    Big Sioux Riders    Indy BMW Club    Beemer Hill
Trustee, BMWMOA Foundation    Keeper Of The List    * Iron Bunny *


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