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Re: Just Checking

When you are in Montreal give me a buzz. You can service your bike in my garage, I am fully equipped, lifts etc.  If you need help in the city let me know in advance, I can meet you before entering.
Bob Silas, Montreal
514-998-6903  cell
514-489-6903  home
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  From: Mike 
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  Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 6:13 PM
  Subject: Re: Just Checking

  Still here! And was wondering the same thing!

  Just getting ready to leave next week, Vancouver to Halifax, Canada,  
  then return route via California...woo hoo!


  On 29-Jun-05, at 2:44 PM, Gary Bechtold wrote:

  > I haven't received any Oilheads Digests in about a week which is much
  > longer than normal.  Everybody still out there, or is everybody to  
  > busy
  > riding to write?
  > Thanks.   Gary Bechtold
  > '94 R1100RS
  > (soon with a rebuilt Tom Cutter transmission - installing this  
  > weekend).


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