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Transmission Rebuild

This transmission had a bit over 100,000 miles on it.  When the bike was
new in '94, the first (original) tranny was replaced at about 12,000 miles
because it would do unexpected automatic upshifts to 2nd all by itself when
cruising through towns at low speed (REAL surging, believe me !!!).  That
transmission was replaced for #3 because it sounded like a rock crusher,
wouldn't shift into neutral and other problems.  The first two replacements
(three transmissions) were paid for entirely by BMW, parts and labor.  The
third tranny was supposed to be the "improved" tranny BMW put out as a fix
to the known tranny problems at the time.  A few weeks ago I went down to
the Smokies (from New York) and the tranny would "lurch" in third gear
(third only) under power.  It got to the point that it would lurch with the
slightest throttle.  I contacted Tom Cutter the day after I returned and
arranged a rebuild.  I split the bike and removed the transmission which I
shipped to Tom's Rubber Chicken Racing Garage.  I'm going to start the
reinstallation tomorrow morning.  The bike has about 125K on it now.

I'm looking forward to the rebuilt tranny - transmissions have been the
only negative part of this motorcycle, but even on it's 4th tranny the bike
is a keeper.  Although the transmissions malfunctioned, I've never been
stranded on the road or lost confidence in travelling the country alone.

Question to the list:  I believe that Voni Glaves's '94 R1100RS had a
failure of the hydraulic cam chain tensioner system at about 100,00 miles,
and that Paul Glaves repaired the failure including a piston replacement,
etc. The engine was quite torn up.  I believe Voni has LOT'S of mileage on
her bike now.  Ever since hearing of this many years ago I've been nervous
about the tensioners.  Has anybody else had a failure in this area?  I
believe the transmissions and tensioners are the only parts to be nervous
about with higher mileage oilhead bikes, and I'm wondering if the engine
itself needs preventitive maintenence (before failure).  I know several
300,000+ airheads, but haven't heard much of high mileage oilheads.

Gary Bechtold
'94 R1100RS

> Gary,
> How many miles went into the transmission before rebuilding??
> Bob Silas
> '94 R1100RS 166,500 km = 104,000 miles.