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Re: Tank fit, turn signal switches

I had some problem with the turn-off switch too, though not as much as you are having.  It was cleaned and was fine after, however I don't know what would have happened if I kept on using that switch.  A bad habit of mine is to forget to stop the directions signal blinking, unless I notice the green warning light.  
The problem is solved and I never use that switch again.
I bought the "Kissan" relay which is set to 15 second to turn the blinker off.  
If  longer blinking time needed, I press it again. It can also be set to different time-length.
If you press both sides in the same time you turned on the hazard-four way flasher. The four way flasher has to be turned off by the cancellation switch. (or may be by using any of the direction switches, I have not tried that) 
The Kissan Relay also converts the direction signal lights to constant running markers at half intensity.  Easy to install, just plug it in instead of the present relay in the fuse box.  I paid about $90.00 (US) for it, two years ago.

An interesting side effect is that some times, when I receive CB radio signals, a strong signal turns on the four way flasher.
Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS

  But now the wear on the switches, and perhaps my own declining skill at
  synchronizing the press on both switches, has rendered this technic unreliable
  as well.

  Short of buying new switches, does anyone know of a treatment with a more
  permanent effect?

  John D