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Handle bar Mirrors for 2004 R1150RT

> From: Alan Schlageter <aschlage@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Handle bar Mirrors for 2004 R1150RT
> I can't see out of my mirrors when I put a long duffel
> bag over the seat behind me. Does anyone know of any
> handle bar mounted mirrors that can be used on my 2004
> R1150RT. I noticed some holes on the controls, but
> don't know of any mirrors that will fit there. Any
> help will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Al


I think the R1150 GS or R1150RS mirrors work. The 1100 GS mirrors work on my R1100RT. I was looking closely at the 1150GS and 1150RS mirrors on Saturday for another project and they looked interchangeable. AFAIK the switch gear is all the same so the mirrors should interchange. 

BTW, this is a great addition to the bike. I have the stock mirrors angled out as far as possible to eliminate the side blind spots, and the GS mirrors are set to give me a great view directly to the rear. No more surprises from the local LEOs and early warning  on the occaisional crazy cager.

Good idea, go for it. 


Bob Covey
Thousand Oaks CA
'96 R1100RT
'83 R100ST