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RE: new models

On Saturday, I finally got down to the dealership to return a brake cylinder
rebuilt kit that was not correct for my bike.

Unfortunately, they were closed for the holiday so all I could do is look thru
the glass.

I would say that:

1. My remote impressions of the ST are confirmed, I don't like it any better
in person than I did in magazine and web pictures.

2. The R12RT looks really nice. I can almost see myself on one of those. I
particulary appreciate the triple-redundant headlight.

3. GS: just as weird as ever. Looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully my dad will
follow thru and buy a GS to stash at the house he's building in Colorado.

4. K12R...holy cow.

5. I love my R11RS. After 2-3 seasons of shall we say problematic performance
it is finally running well again, once again the bike I've known and loved for
many years; as attractive as anything BMW's ever made, and styled far better
than most.

Last Saturday and Sunday were particularly fine days in SE Michigan and I took
full advantage of them.

John Dancoe