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Re: BMW brakes in the news

At 05:09 PM 7/5/2005 +0000, Patrick Coleman wrote:
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 From that news clip:

"We are convinced that the failure of the antilock brake system can only 
occur when there is insufficient electricity due to overuse of the 
handbraking mechanism," the company said in a statement.

Overuse of the handbraking mechanism?????  WTH???

Juergen Stoffregen, a spokesman for BMW, said that some 20 customers had 
complained to the company about the brakes, but the braking system has 
proven itself in the past four years and fulfills all legal requirements.

Based on the complaint from one motorcyclist, Munich public prosecutors 
have started a preliminary investigation, spokesman Christian 
Schmidt-Sommerfeld said. BMW has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, he said.

AP-ES-07-05-05 1212EDT

Typical , they will probably blame the first fatality on "improper braking 
procedure" : ))