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Re: Keeping cool in the Dog Days of summer

At 10:45 AM 7/14/2005 -0400, Robert Silas wrote:
>Thanks for the write up, interesting.
>Is there any chance to find a helmet which offers some kind of cooling 
>On my way from Montreal to Detroit, I got into a traffic jamb at Kingston 
>on the 401.  One lane was closed and the open lane blocked solid.  We were 
>standing without any rolling for 25 minutes.  Of course I turned the boxer 
>off and eventually I took my helmet off too, to prevent fainting.  It was 
>bright, sunny weather and 33-35 C.  (93-96 F.); I have a thermometer on 
>the bike.
>I hung my full-face helmet on the mirror.  Slowly, we started to crawl, 
>5-8 feet at a time. As lucky as I am, a police car was parked in the 
>closed lane in the middle of the construction.  A young and eager officer 
>turned on lights, flashers, sirens, jumped out of the air-conditioned 
>police cruiser and pulled me aside, thinking that "I'll get this 79 years 
>old bustard".
>He gave me a $110.- ticket saying: "today you rode without a helmet".
>He carried the law to the extreme.  I could have used a cooled helmet.
>Bob Silas, '94 RS

UNBELIEVEABLE!  Maybe he was collecting points for the free toaster he
gets for writing the most useless tickets!

Tucson  (where we are facing REAL heat)