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Re: Keeping cool in the Dog Days of summer

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Subject: Re: Keeping cool in the Dog Days of summer

At 10:45 AM 7/14/2005 -0400, Robert Silas wrote: 
>Thanks for the write up, interesting. 
>Is there any chance to find a helmet which offers some kind of cooling >system??? 
>On my way from Montreal to Detroit, I got into a traffic jamb at Kingston >on the 401. One lane was closed and the open lane blocked solid. We were >standing without any rolling for 25 minutes. Of course I turned the boxer >off and eventually I took my helmet off too, to prevent fainting. It was >bright, sunny weather and 33-35 C. (93-96 F.); I have a thermometer on >the bike. 
>I hung my full-face helmet on the mirror. Slowly, we started to crawl, >5-8 feet at a time. As lucky as I am, a police car was parked in the >closed lane in the middle of the construction. A young and eager officer >turned on lights, flashers, sirens, jumped out of the air-conditioned >police cruiser and pulled me aside, thinking that "I'll get this 79 years >old bustard". 
>He gave me a $110.- ticket saying: "today you rode without a helmet". 
>He carried the law to the extreme. I could have used a cooled helmet. 
>Bob Silas, '94 RS 
I hope you took your time reading the ticket, I read very slowly, let him bake in the heat while you read it, maybe he can beging to appreciate why you didn't have your helmet on.  it works well in the rain too!  after all you are already out in it and they can't go till you sign it, and surely they don't expect you to sign something you haven't read and fully understood.  you can even ask him some questions just to make sure that he knows you are studying the fine print.   It might not help you out but I bet he won't be quite so eager to get out of the car for the next hour or so...
It would also be interesting to note if you wrote down a speed at which you were operating the motorcycle.  perhaps you were actually "pushing " the motorcycle and that doesn't require a helmet.   you can atleast screw with them some and get some satisfaction.