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"Surge Free" spark plugs

Hello All,

This posting is at the request of several list members who asked for this
information (I can't remember who they are, sorry).

My '01 R1100S exhibited mild surging and something that could be described as
"rough running" at certain RPM. I was considering the dual-plug upgrade by San
Jose BMW when my trusted mechanic, John Parker (from Budds BMW in Oakville and
John Parker racing) recommended that I leave the bike with him for a day to
let him experiment with it, and possibly provide a more economical solution.

When I got the bike back the next day, it had no hint of surging, and the
"rough running" virtually disappeared though there is a spot around 2000 to
2500 RPM in which the engine sputters slightly when well warmed up, under
light load, with very gentle roll-on in lower gears. It was not *absolutely*
perfect, but the results were certainly extremely good. His total charge to me
was CAD$134, mostly for his labor. The "fix" was to use specific non-factory
spark plugs.

According to Parker, the surging and rough running is well known, and he has
had very good success through precise tuning and by using different plugs. The
first element of the plug is to use a projected tip to start the flame front a
little deeper in the cylinder than the factory plug. The second is to
experiment with the heat ranges. Those two things combined make the difference
as opposed to the specific brand or type of spark plug.

Parker asked me to make sure I conveyed the following information along with
the part number: The solution Parker found for my bike may be less effective,
or completely ineffective for another model of BMW bike, or even for another
bike of the same model and year as mine. John indicated that when a bike comes
into his shop with reported rough running or surging, he first ensures that it
is tuned correctly, and then he experiments with spark plugs for that specific

I am extremely happy with Parker's results. This posting does not deride the
usefulness of the Techlusion unit, or the dual-plugging upgrade from San Jose
BMW. The spark plugs John Parker installed on my 2001 R1100S are NGK BKR6EK.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada


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