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Dual plugging. Was "Surge Free" spark plugs

Nice post from Steve, thanks.

The nature of posts is that it looks like I was trying to educate Steve 
specifically when in fact I have abundant respect for his knowledge... 
except maybe for spark plugs.

Gord Bush, who is the gold standard for bike and racing machinists in 
Canada, hasn't started doing dual plugs in Oilheads. I phoned him this 
morning and his reaction was what I expected: crazy... why would a 
4-valve engine need a second plug... might arise from excessive leaness 
or pollution care... just enrich.

I am sure he's happy to do the job esp. if he had a wrecked head to 
play with first.

Like I said, if adding a second plug to a 4-valve head makes much 
difference, we must have chamber deficiencies or something.

I'm far from wanting to tear down my heads. While pretty easy on an 
Airhead but looks like a lotta hours on an Oilhead. But it would likely 
help my grunt-range, I'd bet. I think Gord charged c$175 for my two 
Airhead heads but he's been adding plugs to Airheads for a long time.

Gprd Bush in Malton, Ontario (Toronto area): 905-677-8657

How is the electrical side handled? Just a matter of hiding one or two 
more coils? Nothing much more?