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RE: Dual plugging. Was "Surge Free" spark plugs

Actually removal and reinstallation of oilhead heads is probably easier
than on an airhead.  The entire valve train is totally contained in the
head, pushrods and everything remain undisturbed when the head is
separated from the cylinder.

I too wonder how the electrical additions interface with the existing
ignition system but San Jose has all the parts and the head work for
$495. Seems pretty reasonable to me.  However zero=zero and Autolight
plugs has been good enough for me.


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Subject: Dual plugging. Was "Surge Free" spark plugs

I'm far from wanting to tear down my heads. While pretty easy on an 
Airhead but looks like a lotta hours on an Oilhead. But it would likely 
help my grunt-range, I'd bet. I think Gord charged c$175 for my two 
Airhead heads but he's been adding plugs to Airheads for a long time.

Gprd Bush in Malton, Ontario (Toronto area): 905-677-8657

How is the electrical side handled? Just a matter of hiding one or two 
more coils? Nothing much more?