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BMW Bikes in the News again - Cycle Canada August '05

Hello all,

BMW motorcycles are making news again, and good things are being said. In the
August issue of Cycle Canada (known for their unbiased, hype-free reporting
and articles), the following significant BMW bike content can be found:

o Pages 24-32 (-1 page ad): "Power Hungry - Can BMW really run with
  the 'Busa?" This comparison test pits the venerable Suzuki Hayabusa
  against newcomer BMW K1200S. Notable comments include editor
  Bruce Reeve's "the K1200S seems to quenches a thirst for something
  for something I didn't know existed until I tasted it." Snap judgment on
  the K1200S:
     + Superb cornering and steering feel at high speeds
     + Comfort and high performance are combined a new level
     - Steering damper causes weaving at modest speeds
     - Wasn't the power target supposed to be higher than this?

o Pages 36-44: "Triple Crown - Three different paths to sports touring
  splendour. Which one to take." This comparo puts the BMW R1200RT
  against the Honda ST1300 and the Yamaha FJR1300. All great bikes
  with different strengths and weaknesses, but the BMW clearly shines
  in one: Hot weather riding! Three riders. Three writers. Three bikes.
  Three views. Highly recommended for someone who is considering
  buying one of these three bikes.

o Page 22: Full page ad for Wolf BMW with K1200S 1/2 page image. When
  BMW Motorrad dealers take out full page ads, that's a Good Thing (TM)

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada