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Re: Presidents/Switch to transmissions

In a message dated 7/26/05 11:17:46 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
Bminor@xxxxxxxx writes:
Hey Tom, I have a question for you on  transmissions.  Ever since the
local dealer fixed the leaking input  shaft on my '96 RS, I have had the
third gear slip-clunk thing going  on.  That was at 20,000 miles and I
now have 43k on the bike.  I  have never considered the third gear slip
to be anything more than an  inconvenience as opposed to an actual
failure.  However, I have heard  some folks state that further damage can
result from this condition.   Currently I'd say my transmission shifts
better than most and my annual gear  oil changes show a minimal amount of
particles on the drain plug  magnet.  Do you think that a repair is
absolutely necessary?  Am I  headed for a major breakdown? >>

The gear is jumping out of  engagement. Every time it does so, it bends the 
shift fork and brings it closer  to falure. The failure is when it pops out of 
gear a LOT on accelleration. At  that point the gears and mating gears have to 
be replaced along with the forks.  Cost of the gears usually adds over $1000 
to the repair.  

I do not replace the gears, we undercut them and  match the engagement dogs, 
along with upgrading all bearings and replacing all  seals. Any worn or bent 
shift forks are replaced, and the whole job usually runs  $1000-1200.

Tom Cutter
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