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Re: Presidents

Hello Andrew,

Andrew Johnson <sundiaL@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>I have no idea what these irregular references to "Presidents" are
> about - though they seem to come in messages cross-posted to other
> lists. What do "Presidents" have to do with Oilheads?

You have already received correct answers, but as a bit of trivia, the
*reason* why IBMWR list members are all called presidents is because in the
very early days, a handful of guys were organizing this list and in doing so,
they were seeking some exposure. They were asked (paraphrased) "What are your
titles in this club" to which one quick thinking member replied "President".
His thinking was that they were all equal, and all important, so they were all
Presidents of the club. This title extended to all list members, and still
persists to this day. So each member of the IBMWR is a (the) President, and
when addressing the group of list subscribers as a whole, it is common to use
the term "Presidents".

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada