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Re: Presidents


<<<  I have no idea what these irregular references to "Presidents" are about - though they seem to come in messages cross-posted to other 
lists.  >>>

Presidents are members of the Big List (or the BEEG list - smile widely and say "big"), the Internet BMW Riders' list.  We all hold the office of President.  The posting to the Oilheads list is only done out of courtesy, caring and politeness for those Oilheads who are not subscribed to the BEEG.  I know there's not much traffic here in Oilheadland, so I'm just trying to include you on fun stuff that you would otherwise miss.  Don't be like that anal-retentive whiner B. Jann Hoffman on the Airheads list who pissed and moaned and whined every time I tried to include Airheads in rallies and events.  I was an Airhead at the time.  I'm not now.  At my house, we're all Oilheads all the time.

<<<  What do "Presidents" have to do with Oilheads?  >>>

Most Oilheads are Presidents.  I own two Oilheads myself.  Now, you can be thankful for the one posting to come across your list once every two weeks or you can pitch a bitch.  If you want to do the latter, then I invite you to stay home while the rest of us enjoy a plate of wings at Hooters.  If you attend, I might even buy the first round if you're polite about it.

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