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Re: Presidents

In a message dated 7/26/05 10:00:27 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
sundiaL@xxxxxxx writes:
<<I have no idea what these  irregular references to "Presidents" are 
about - though they seem to come in  messages cross-posted to other 
lists. What do "Presidents" have to do with  Oilheads?>>

In an attempt to prevent  electioneering and campaigning, on the IBMWR 
(Internet BMW Riders Club, the  largest virtual BMW club, and often referred to as 
the "Big List" or the  "Beeg"), all members are Presidents. This way we all get 
to be the boss of our  own home, and we can tell our families that we are the 
President of the  club.

Last fall I told my mom that I became President of the  IBMWR, and she 
submitted the item to the little local paper in New Hampshire. I  never got a copy 
of the paper, but another IBMWR Prez from her area saw it.  Quite a laugh.

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