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Re: Presidents

I have no idea what these irregular references to "Presidents" are 
about - though they seem to come in messages cross-posted to other 
lists. What do "Presidents" have to do with Oilheads?

- - Andrew, Berkeley

At 9:04 PM -0500 7/25/05, Robert W Munday wrote:
>For those of you in the Columbia, SC area who want to join me for a plate
>of hot wings, I'll be hosting Presidential Wings Wednesday night at
>6:30pm eastern at Hooters on Broad River just south of I-20.  At least
>three other area Presidents will be in attendance and as always, I'll be
>your designated rider.  We'll be discussing the recently concluded BMWMOA
>International Rally in Lima, OH.  As an added bonus, the newest IBMWR
>Plateholder will be in attendance.
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