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Re: Presidents

Got it, thanks for 'splaining.

I've met B.Jan Hofman - nice enough in person, but I canceled my 
Airheads membership over his editorials.

Tell you what, you stick to 'wings at Hooters in Columbia, and I'll 
stick to Grilled Chicken & Pesto pizza at Jupiter Pub in Berkeley. 
But I do believe we'll wash them both down with similar beverages... 

- - Andrew, Berkeley

At 5:01 PM +0000 7/26/05, rwmunday@xxxxxxxx wrote:
><<<  I have no idea what these irregular references to "Presidents" 
>are about - though they seem to come in messages cross-posted to 
>lists.  >>>
>Presidents are members of the Big List (or the BEEG list - smile 
>widely and say "big"), the Internet BMW Riders' list.  We all hold 
>the office of President.  The posting to the Oilheads list is only 
>done out of courtesy, caring and politeness for those Oilheads who 
>are not subscribed to the BEEG.  I know there's not much traffic 
>here in Oilheadland, so I'm just trying to include you on fun stuff 
>that you would otherwise miss.  Don't be like that anal-retentive 
>whiner B. Jann Hoffman on the Airheads list who pissed and moaned 
>and whined every time I tried to include Airheads in rallies and 
>events.  I was an Airhead at the time.  I'm not now.  At my house, 
>we're all Oilheads all the time.
><<<  What do "Presidents" have to do with Oilheads?  >>>
>Most Oilheads are Presidents.  I own two Oilheads myself.  Now, you 
>can be thankful for the one posting to come across your list once 
>every two weeks or you can pitch a bitch.  If you want to do the 
>latter, then I invite you to stay home while the rest of us enjoy a 
>plate of wings at Hooters.  If you attend, I might even buy the 
>first round if you're polite about it.
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