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Re: Disabling self-cancelling turn signals

>No offence intended to you, Bob. In was referring to the kind of folks you 
>see in cars where the turn signal is on, mile after mile after mile.

I am not insulted, you missed the point.

>and rides an RS like it 
>was on fire. Last year I visited Bob and I went riding with him in the 
>mountains (Mt. Tremblant). We spoke via FRS radio. He was in the lead on 
>these twisty, bumpy roads, and he says to me "feel free to pass me if I'm 
>holding you up." I just laughed and was glad I could keep up with him.

You embarrass me with such over statement.  You tried to be polite by not passing me.
Bob Silas


End of oilheads-digest V2 #173