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Eureka Springs Weekend - Sign Up Now

Presidents and Oilheads,

August is here and September is not far behind, which means that
September's weekend in the Ozark's must be right around the corner.  Join
us Friday, September 16th as riders from around the nation will swoop
down onto the parking lot of the Swiss Holiday in Eureka Springs,
Arkansas for the sixth annual IBMWR Eureka Springs Weekend.  Chocolate
chip cookies will be awaiting for the arrivals to give a "perk me up"
after the rides into one of the Ozark's best towns.  This year, in honor
of our six years of visiting, Eureka Springs has arranged a downtown jazz
festival.  We will also be celebrating Rob and Bette Lessen's wedding
anniversary and my 50th birthday.

The BBQ run to Bubba's will take place so that we can catch up on stories
of our summer activities.  Traditional beverages will be consumed in the
traditional manner in the traditional place of honor at the motel.  Many
tires will be told and lies will be kicked into the wee hours of the

On Saturday the traditional (there's that tradition thing again)
non-organized ride will leave around 9ish.  Maps will be available for
those that want to strike out on their own.  Others may want to head
downtown to shop for their significant other or a loved one.  There will
be many dining choices from which to choose upon our return to the motel.
 The evening's awards and door prizes will be presented and awarded after
dark.  More adult beverages will then be shared.  

As a special added bonus for this year, Hannigan Fairing Company has
invited us to visit them and take a private tour of their facilities on
Saturday.  They ask for a minimum of ten visitors to make it worth their
while to open that day as they are normally are closed on Saturdays.  If
you want to see the factory, let me know so that we can notify the folks
at Hannigan.  If you have already signed up on the list, I need to know
if you will be attending the tour.

If you haven't been to Eureka Springs, you owe it to yourself to visit
and partake in this gathering.  It is an unstructured, laid back affair. 
No vendors are expected but if some show up, great!

You will need to make your reservations with the Swiss Holiday Motel at
888/582-2220 - ask for the Rob Lessen / IBMWR group biker rate.

If you plan to attend, please send a note with your name, home city and
state and your Hannigan Fairing tour plans to me at RWMunday@xxxxxxxx .

Scheduled to attend as of 07/31/2005 including five Plateholders:

Brian Burdette    Pleasant Hill, MO 
Karen Burdette    Pleasant Hill, MO    IBMWR Plateholder
Frank Glamser    Hattiesburg, MS    IBMWR Plateholder
Bette Lessen    Arma, KS 
Rob Lessen    Arma, KS    IBMWR Plateholder
Diane Morrow    Union, MO 
Jim Morrow    Union, MO 
Robert Munday    Montgomery, AL    IBMWR Plateholder
Dennis Murphy    Third Lake, IL 
Harv Read    Union Grove, WI 
Tom Regnier    Minnetonka Beach, MN 
Joe Skaggs    Rogers, AR    IBMWR Plateholder
Roscoe Van Jones    Eureka Springs, AR    Owner, Roscoe's Music

See you in Arkansas!

Robert Munday...   Montgomery, AL    `98 R11CHP    `95 R1100RSL
Village Idiot    Rolling Broccoli Rider    BOOF #131    SR#2
Nebraska Nightriders    Big Sioux Riders    Indy BMW Club    
Beemer Hill Riders    EC Riders    Trustee, BMWMOA Foundation    
Keeper Of The List    *Iron Bunny*

On Assignment In Columbia, SC