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Re: oilheads-digest V2 #185

You're right! 
In Trenton I met people I have been corresponding with for years. Besides meeting people at the Rally, I also arranged to meet people with whom I had become internet-friends on and off list.  With some of these people I went for rides, others I met for a coffee and had a nice chat with.
With Jim Nazarian I rode to Newfoundland and with (the late) Ken Ahrwiler I rode twice on the Ramapo 500 yearly run in N.Y.  With Ken we had a project which took almost a year, a write up of the restoration of a MEGOLA which he did in the sixties.  I had a very nice chat with a coffee with John Van Deren and Ben Barkow too.

I am the one who wrote about the "faceless people of the list" and initiated these meetings.  I like having person-to-person chats, not only on the list, and remain in off-list correspondence with all the people I met.
My time is very tight for this year but next spring I'll go for another ride to the Pacific and I'd like to meet more people of the list, just for a coffee break. What I deeply regret is not meeting the late Rob Lentini; both of us had planned to meet for years.

Since you described the region so well I think I will take the trip to the Finger Lake rally, but I'd like to ride if I find a riding partner.  I want to stay in a Motel, even if it's not right at the rally and even if I have to ride 30 miles in the morning to get to the site.

Could you please, or anybody else on the list, suggest some places to stay within a 30 miles circle around the site?????

Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS

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  The fun of it, for me, is to be with some people that own the same bikes, 
  see what they have done to their bikes and what they do with them.  I also 
  would like to see some of the people I correspond with face to face.

  Any it is on heck of a nice region.  There are some beautiful roads and 
  scenery.  There are Seville water falls in the area and there are several 
  hiking trails along the streams that are just beautiful.  The best is the 
  gorge at Watkins Glen.  It is a rather civilized trail that winds along a 
  stream path that has cut deep into the hills around Watkins Glen.  The 
  scenery is just FANTASTIC.

  The reason I am going on 4 wheels is that I want to use my tent trailer once 
  this year and that I don't want to put my dog in a kennel.  I also, have a 
  bike ride planned to the Skyline Drive  the second week of September.  So I 
  think that will take care of that need.
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  > From: Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  > Thanks, Eckhard.
  > I am planning to go but maybe on 4 wheels. :o(
  > Then what's the fun of it??
  > I looked up the site but did not study it.  I do not camp.  A comfortable 
  > motel is good enough for me.  Is there any room reasonably near to the 
  > site which has rooms by this time??  What do you think???
  > I attended the rally in Trenton, I am not sure if it worth the ride, 
  > besides I have a lot of work.  Still, I am toying with the idea.
  > Bob Silas
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