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Change in Bike Sound

The bike is a 2002 R1150R with 17,340 milles on it..... Non-ABS.

Within in about the last 1000 miles the sound of my bike has changed 
and low speeds and early acceleration.  It seems to have a deeper town to it.

the gas mileage is the same, it's still quite and smooth at higher 
mph's, doesn't seem to be drinking any oil, it has been services at 
all intervals.

I do everyday commuting and weekend two-up riding on it (May 12th it 
had 9,000 miles on it). The only change in my riding has been that 
I've tried accelerating up to over 5000rpm's since I was told I 
wasn't pushing the bike enough to break it in.

Is this normal (ie I'm worrying about nothing) or should I talk to 
the dealer about it when I take it in for my 18,000mile service?

Thanks for any help and advice.


2002 R1150r
ABC# 8111
BMWMOA # 117910
San Francisco, CA


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