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RE: Change in Bike Sound

Gregory Appling gappling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>The bike is a 2002 R1150R with 17,340 milles on it..... Non-ABS.
>Within in about the last 1000 miles the sound of my bike has changed
>and low speeds and early acceleration.  It seems to have a deeper town to
>the gas mileage is the same, it's still quite and smooth at higher
>mph's, doesn't seem to be drinking any oil, it has been services at
>all intervals.
>I do everyday commuting and weekend two-up riding on it (May 12th it
>had 9,000 miles on it). The only change in my riding has been that
>I've tried accelerating up to over 5000rpm's since I was told I
>wasn't pushing the bike enough to break it in.
>Is this normal (ie I'm worrying about nothing) or should I talk to
>the dealer about it when I take it in for my 18,000mile service?
>Thanks for any help and advice.


What you describe sounds to me like your bike has finally broken in. I
remember noticing distinctly, at just about the same milage, that my '93
R1100RS, "finally" felt like it was running just right.

Revving higher on occasion is a Good Thing and may have contributed.


John D