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Re: Change in Bike Sound

 It clearly sounds like shot muffler bearings (which are excluded on your warranty) to me. They probably went bad and caused excess back pressure on the sand clapper valve, which are designed to blow out like that to keep the Fritzlator from going on the Fritz.
Just enjoy it and find something to keep that smile off your face!.

Gregory Appling gappling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>The bike is a 2002 R1150R with 17,340 milles on it..... Non-ABS.
>Within in about the last 1000 miles the sound of my bike has changed
>and low speeds and early acceleration.  It seems to have a deeper town to
>Is this normal (ie I'm worrying about nothing) or should I talk to
>the dealer about it when I take it in for my 18,000mile service?