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Change in Bike Sound

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> From: "John Dancoe" <jdan@xxxxxxxx>
> >Is this normal (ie I'm worrying about nothing) or should I talk to
> >the dealer about it when I take it in for my 18,000mile service?


Motorcycle or car or heat pump, whenever I sense a change in sound or
vibration, I share the info with the mechanic.  Most of the time it is
nothing to worry about, but occasionally it saved me a bigger bill because
it was the indicator of something that needed attention.  (This is how I
find out my Saab 9000 needs yet another motor mount.)  On the other hand,
your routine service, valve adjustment and tune-up might set sounds back the
way they were.

Or, as been pointed out, your Fritzalator may need attention.  Honing the
perpendicular ends will allow its resonator bearings to mesh properly in
synch.  Once you learn these things, it brings more confidence in knowing
your bike, and to riding on the road with only a simple set of tools (with a
honing hammer of course!).

Carlisle,. PA  USA