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Re: Coppin out or not????

Sorry, I can't help with the parking problem, but

If I was going back to that area, I would target Deals Gap, The Cherocalla
(sp?) Skyway and the last 50 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

In my opinion, I would describe the Skyline Drive and the northern part of the
Blue Ridge Parkway as nice scenic drives.  Usually with a low posted speed
limit.  The very southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Deal's Gap is much
more interesting riding.

If you do some searching, you can find motorcycle friendly campgrounds/hotels
right off the Blue Ridge.  One of them should help with the parking problem.

Hope that helps.

Dean Wegner

- --- Eckhard Grohe <egrohe@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  My brother and I want to ride the Skyline drive in mid Sept. and maybe 
> Deal's Gap. We are thinking of trailering the bikes to the northern end of 
> the drive. It will save us "slabbing it" on the bikes for 650 miles.
> Anyone have any advice on where to park the car and trailer or any other 
> tips in general?
> Eckhard Grohe
> Near Montreal, Canada
> R1100RT 1998
> R100RS 1984 Last Edition
> R100RT 1983 60th  Anniversary
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