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RE: Coppin out or not????

> I'd park the car and trailer in my driveway, extend my trip by two 
> days, and find a route that doesn't require 650 miles of freeway.

>Love ya, Bob, for being able to say so well what I what I was thinking.

>I recently did a round trip from Ontario, Canada to Florida, +1,850 km
way, on an R1100S. It was my first long trip, and I did it alone. The 
R1100S's "racer crouch" is not optimal for long rides, especially if
6'2" tall like me. It rained on the way back. So bad, vehicles pulled
and stopped to wait it out, and I discovered that my rain suit was not
effective in keeping me dry.

>Still, it was an enjoyable ride, and I'd love to do it again. Riding is

riding. It's just fun.

There is just something magical about a motorcycle road trip.  The last
few years I haven't been able to string together a trip longer than
about 6 days, but longer is definitely better.  Back when I was teaching
high school I was able to put together two 10,000 mile 8 week trips.
This was in the summer of '79 and then again in '81.  Oregon to Maine
via New Orleans with my bride-to-be who's family lived in Bangor Maine.
Man, what I wouldn't give to do it again.