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Just subscribed yesterday, and I wanted to say "hello". 


So, that's off my chest. 

I feel a bit here in the camp of the enemy ;-), because at heart I'm
an Airhead. Alas, I brought my trusty old '88 R80RT to the grave this
week because a valve crashed the engine beyond economical repair, and
at the moment I have neither time nor the space to pick the engine
apart myself, so I traded her for an '99 R1100RT I'm about to pick up.

Sorry to say so, folks, but the test ride on the R1100RT was nice,
comfortable, it's nice to toy with an electric windscreen, but
somewhere the big fun factor of the old airheads is missing. However,
there's a lot on the bike to make up for it, and as I get to know it
better I will probably appreciate it more (and maybe it was a dumb
move to rent an R1200GS first ;-)).

Anyway, here I am, boxer lover, oilhead newbie, planning not to wrench
too much - the BMW dealership is not even half a mile from my house
and I need the bike to commute, it's my only transport - but still
craving for knowledge about the new machine.

Greetings from the Netherlands,



End of oilheads-digest V2 #190