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Re: Don't buy a new model BMW

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From: "Ben Barkow" <dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Don't buy a new model BMW

> Honda is best with 20 for first. second, and third yr models.
> BMW is LAST on the list, with 78 problems for first yr models, barely
> declining to about 70 for second yr models and to 32 for third yr
> models (takes BMW 3 yrs to begin to wise up??). Sure sounds like buying
> a new-model BMW car is a really bad idea.

This pretty much reflects the current state. Developing cutting edge
technology and implementing it successfully are 2 different things. The
Japanese are very strong in the implementation department. There is
relatively little risk in buying a first year Honda for example (or Toyota

It seems that German auto makers have particular difficulty with
I bet Mercedes is also low in that finding. Why?  Dunno.

But it's just the current reality. Anyone who thinks a Mercedes is a
reliable car is in for a surprise.

And some of that seems to trasfer over to motorcycles too.
Again, dunno why.

On the other hand, the BMW motorcycle lineup is stronger and more exciting
now than it's been in a long time.

Montreal, Canada
CBR 929