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Re: Don't buy a new model BMW

Steve -

I appreciate your extended post in defense of BMW. As a beemer rider  
for 39 seasons with no interruption, I think my credentials as a BMW  
enthusiast are unassailable.

Having said that, let's get back to the simple suggestion: don't buy a  
new model.... at least not right away.

That a+s+s kissing book says BMW cars are "below average" in defects  
but the immense sample contributing to the CU stats says it is LAST-  
not just below Lincoln (gimme a break) but also KIA and far below  
Hundai and, well, everybody else. BTW, the BMW-owned Mini was near the  
bottom. Perhaps that fact helps us guess where BMW-bike would be.

It is no surprise that other manufacturers admire BMW because as you  
say they are making unheard-of profits in a downtrodden industry. Hey,  
guess who is paying for their unheard-of profits? Buyers of new models  
with many defects in design and construction? Could it be just a bit of  
"cost-cutting" in the engineering is helping boost those profits?

The only point I wanted to make - and clear enough from my title - is  
that you should be cautious in buying a new model. If that is true of  
cars (with a large factor of protection from the large consumer base  
and bad PR and other consumer protections) then it is more true for  
bikes where life and limb and really big bucks stand in the balance  
(and you have to deal those liars at BMW-NA)  I don't think anything in  
your post qualifies my obvious conclusion.

It is also curious that, as you say, the biggest lump of new-model  
buyers are BMW bike virgins! I rest my case.


Ben Barkow, Toronto... 39 seasons on Beemers, 44 as a biker

1961 R69s/rod, 1967-1999... really sup'ed up and fast

1984 R80RT/rod, 1998-2005  5 extra peak ponies in a wider flatter power  
   much modified 2-into-1 exhaust, CR 9.5, Keihin PJ 34mm oval carbs,
   Uni filter, dual-rate springs with cartridge emulators, BT45/S11,  
Saeng fairing

1999 R1100S, 2004- Leo Vince exh, JetHot coatings, Techlusion 1031,
   Uni filter, TB balance tube, 26 inch windscreen