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Fw: Rally eNewsletter Volume 5.03

> Rally eNewsletter, Volume 5.03
> September 2, 2005
>                       CELEBRATION RA
>                      October 6-9, 2005
>                       Calsonic Arena
>                     Shelbyville, Tennessee
>                   www.bmwra.org/rally
> Lots to talk about.....here goes!
> BMW Motorrad Demo Fleet:
> No, I'm not pulling your leg!  BMW will bring a Demo Truck to Shelbyville. 
> Those of you who have been attending RA rallies for years, know we haven't 
> had the demo fleet for a number of years.  If you haven't had the 
> opportunity to ride one of the new models, this could be your lucky day. 
> Take a test ride on one of Tennessee's hilly, sweeping roads.
> Vendors:
> The original vendor layout in the Calsonic Arena has been modified to 
> handle the number of vendors registering.  We originally had the vendors 
> on the mezzanine and half of the arena floor, but due to the great vendor 
> response we have given the entire arena floor to vendors.  You can see the 
> growing list of vendors at the rally website. The website is updated as 
> vendors register.  Bloodworth BMW Motorcycles of Nashville, Bridgestone 
> Tire (headquartered in Nashville), Motorrad Electrik, Hannigan and the 
> list goes on.  The RA's Black Eagle Shop will be selling your favorite RA 
> logo gear and the BMW Club of Nashville will have their club gear 
> available also.
> ERC & Trials Class:
> The ERC Classes are filling up and the site of the ERC class is a mere 
> mile from the rally site.
> Bad news:  We were unable to find a suitable location to conduct the Dirt 
> Bike School.  But if you want to hone your off-road skills, we have the 
> class for you!  We have arranged to have a Trails Class on Thursday and 
> Friday of the rally at The Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, 
> Tennessee.  The Trials Training Center is hundreds of acres of mountains, 
> woods, streams and trails about fifty miles from the rally site.  The 
> Trials Class is an opportunity to take your off-road skills to the next 
> level.  Or if you are a beginner, it will give you the skills to start 
> your off-road trekking.  For more information The Trials Training Center 
> visit:  www.trialstrainingcenter.com.  You can register for this class at 
> the rally website.  Look for "Trials Class".
> Registration & Jack Daniels Luncheon Registration:
> You can pre-register for the rally by down loading the pdf form or 
> register on-line.  This is something we added this year and it works 
> great!  Pre-registration for the rally shuts down on Friday, September 16, 
> 2005.
> The same goes for the Jack Daniels Luncheon.  Registration for this 
> luncheon is capped and registration will shut down when we reach the cap 
> or on September 16, 2005.  The luncheon is filling up so if you think 
> you'd like to spend the afternoon on Friday, October 7th at the Jack 
> Daniels Distillery and Lynchburg, Tennessee, sign up!
> Entertainment:
> We have a vareity of music for rally goers.  On Thursday, October 6th, you 
> will be treated to Microwave Dave.  Now for some of you, this is a 
> familiar name. This gentleman entertained rally goers at the Birmingham 
> rally in 2003 and each year treats rally goers at the Rocket City rally 
> Memorial Day Weekend.  Visit his website at:  www.microwavedave.com
> Friday, October 7th will find us in Bluegrass heaven!  Iron Horse is back 
> from their visit to Europe to give us the best in bluegrass.  You can 
> preview their music at:  www.ironhorsebluegrass.com
> Saturday night is country night with Christy Shepard and Rock City. This 
> is a group based in Nashville with their drummer one of the BMW Club of 
> Nashville's own!  Visit their website at: 
> www.christyshepardandrockcity.com
> So, we've covered the bases:  Blues, Bluegrass & Country!
> Seminars/Speakers:
> You can access the seminar and speakers at the rally website.  In 
> addition, we'd like to solicit your input for one of the seminars.  All of 
> us campers have some great ideas on packing and camping on our 
> motorcycles.  E-mail your favorite camping ideas to rallyinfo@xxxxxxxxx 
> and we'll compile them and distribute them at the Packing Seminar given by 
> Helen TwoWheels.  I'll take your ideas until Wednesday, September 28th!
> Volunteer:
> Many of you have been e-mailing me wishing to volunteer.  I'm trying 
> something new this year as it relates to volunteering.  When you visit the 
> rally website you will notice "Volunteer!" on the right masthead.  Open 
> this up and scroll down.  You will see the rally volunteer schedules 
> listed.  I have also posted a brief description of what volunteering in 
> each area would entail.  If you wish to volunteer, e-mail me at: 
> rallyinfo@xxxxxxxxx and tell me where you want to volunteer and what time 
> slot.  I will slot you in and post it on the website.  If a number of you 
> from a club want to volunteer as a group, e-mail me and I'll post your 
> club in whatever time slot you wish.
> My desire is to have the majority of these slots filled before we even hit 
> the ground in Shelbyville rally week.  We can't do it without you!
> So you all have two assignments (you didn't think we were going to do this 
> by ourselves, did you?):
> One:  E-mail me your favorite camping ideas.
> Two:  Volunteer!
> Oh, before I forget....Wednesday arrival is okay!  Some of us will even be 
> there on Tuesday if you want to get in on the fun early.  The folks at 
> Calsonic will let us in as early as Tuesday.
> Keep the suggestions and questions coming.
> The Labor Day Holiday is upon us and I wish you all a safe weekend.  Let's 
> all keep those folks in the Gulf Coast in our hearts and prayers.
> Debbi Harbour, RAlly Liaison
> BMW Riders Association
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