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Re: Don't buy...

In a message dated 8/29/05 9:15:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< The cars are no longer made by skilled and educated
 German craftsmen and engineers.  They're made by underpaid workers in the 
 Republic, Poland, East Germany and underdeveloped places all over the world.
 The quality of the cars is suffering. >>

Any DATA for this statement?  I always get a kick out of seemingly blind 
trust in German engineering superiority.  Don't forget there were more Mustangs 
doing victory rolls over Munich than Messerschmitts doing victory rolls over 
Manhattan,  When an OEM sources parts from a vendor they specify what level of 
quality is desired  You can buy high quality or mediocre components from any 
number of countries.