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Don't buy...

Well, Ben, you're at it again, I see.  More statistics to justify inflamitory

>BMW is LAST on the list, with 78 problems for first yr models, barely
declining to about 70 for second yr models and to 32 for third yr
models (takes BMW 3 yrs to begin to wise up??). Sure sounds like buying
a new-model BMW car is a really bad idea.

Well, this time, I have to agree with you.   The component quality of BMW cars
has gone way down, mostly due to sourcing of the components far outside of
Germany to save money.   The cars are no longer made by skilled and educated
German craftsmen and engineers.  They're made by underpaid workers in the Czek
Republic, Poland, East Germany and underdeveloped places all over the world.
The quality of the cars is suffering.

I changed to Audi a few years ago.  I don't know where the parts come from,
but I think they are still on the upswing with quality.   I have not been
disappointed in my A6 2.7.  I've had it 3 years now and it still looks like
new.  I think I may keep it another 3 years.

I'm a BMW CCA member and have been since 1978 or so when I bought my '74 tii.
I'm a driving instructor with the Hoosier club and really get a charge out of
running hard in my modded '95 M3 once or twice a year.

Since Bangle took over design, it's been obvious to me the direction BMW is
heading and I don't like it a bit.   The problems with the new 5 series only
confirm my opinion of a good car company going bad because of too much ego.

The latest M3, last of the "E39" and still "pre-Bangle", has had many recalls,
problems with engines needing to be taken apart for new con rods etc.   They
are, however, beautiful and scarily capable cars on a race track.   The new
style 3 series cars are actually OK to look at too.  It shows they've got the
hint that BMW enthusiasts are angry about the styling of the now current 5,6
and 7 series cars and want a new direction....or at least a return to the old

There is a large group of BMW enthusiasts that just want a great car screwed
together right that will take a beating, run hard and return a lot of driving
pleasure for the considerable money they have to pay for them.   We don't want
the latest electronics or answers to problems we don't have.  Just make us an
honest BMW with speed, comfort, precision and quality...not gadgets and
contrived styling.  Give me manual climate controls, a high quality cloth
interior, nice, but not cutting edge, styling, excellent paintwork, a
sparkling chassis and engine, a good 5 speed gearbox and a decent stereo that
works easily.  Keep the overly complex GPS, the concert hall sound system with
built in reverb effect, the plasticized wood grain, the buffalo hides, 19"
wheels bling-bling wheels that knock your fillings out for no verifiable
handling advantage, Keep the poorly executed variable ratio steering, start
buttons that confuse valets at restaurants, I-drive electronic dashboard that
requires 3 menu drillings to change a seat setting etc.    It's all a waste of
time and money.  Spend that money on quality components that get the job done

Honda doesn't try to have the most and the greatest, with the possible
exception of the unfortunate dash and AWD system on the Accura RL.   It's a
shame more companies can't follow Honda and Toyota's lead making cars right
first before adding geegaws.   Also, when Toyota (Lexus) adds a geegaw like
GPS, it frikkin works great and a 6th grader could figure it out without a
manual.  Mercedes and BMW demand that you pull over and read a 75 page
tomb...and even then, the information you get from these gadgets is near
useless by comparison....and they charge about $4500 for this useless thing.
(Direct experience from a friend who owns both a lexus and a mercedes with

Anyway, good looking or not, lots of components are failing on the new BMW
cars.   They just don't make 'em like they used to.   I'm gonna hang on to my
'95 until I can put antique plates on it.

I can tell you that, so far, I'm pretty thrilled with my 1200RT, though.  No
problems at all after 12,000 miles except that I'm not thrilled with the
shocks... They're good, but not great.  On a great bike, you should have great
shocks, so I bought a set of Wilbers.   Now I have a great bike with great

- -TB