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Price of 1200RT


>I've gotten the bug for the new 1200RT.  I am driving a 2000 1100RT with
>only 50K miles on it.  It works absolutely fine.  I just have the bug.  What
>price should I expect to pay for the new bike?  I've never bought a new one
>so I don't know how much to negotiate on the price.  Are BMW dealers >fixed
>on the new one or are they flexible?  What prices have you found?

Not sure where you live.  There's a very good dealer in New Mexico that's been
selling the new bikes at decent discounts.   If it's worth the trouble for
you, you can probably save a couple hundred bucks.   So far, the new RTs have
been selling pretty well and dealers have not felt the need to discount much.
I just went to my local guy and asked for his best price.  I think I got $500
off.   I'm not a big believer in buying far away from home and I like to
support my local guys.  It's cheap insurance if you really need them.  My guy
does little favors for me that have proven invaluable and have saved me money
without costing him money.   It's good to try and create a good relationship
with a dealer who appreciates that.  It can help you in the long run.

I heard from a guy on www.bmwrt.com who's looking for a good used RT.  Your
bike certainly qualifys.  Go there and look him up in the forum.   I think the
thread is "1150 or 1100? "  Something like that.   I recommended a 2000RT to
him specifically this weekend because everyone I know who's bought one has had
very good reliability.  I think all the running changes were done by 2000 and
they're the best of the breed.

Good luck with the upgrade.  Hope it goes well for you.

- -TB