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Re: Don't buy...

Bob Hadden writes:
 > Marc,  Thanks for posting on this.  I haven't lost a bag, but I have 
 > noticed that the button latch on the top center of the bag loosened up 
 > over time.  I have snugged it up once, and will keep an eye on it.  You 
 > need to adjust this button latch bolt so that the center red latch has 
 > some resistance to it when you latch the bag on.  I suspect this is 
 > what let loose and allowed your bag to fall off.  You might check the 
 > other side to confirm this.

Possible, but then I can not say with 100% certainty that I checked the
bag was *really* latched the last time I put it on.   The bags were
tight when I bought the bike.   They were taken off the bike and stored in
the garage after one weekend of showing them off to friends.   This is
the first time they've been back on the bike since then.

 > I regularly go 250 miles between fill ups.  Max is up over 265 to date. 
 >   I once went ten miles past the zero miles left warning on the display.

Yeah, but you're not using our specially formulated for low milage California
gas :-)

// marc