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Re: Don't buy...

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Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 5:50 AM
Subject: Don't buy...


> Honda doesn't try to have the most and the greatest, with the possible
> exception of the unfortunate dash and AWD system on the Accura RL.   It's 
> a
> shame more companies can't follow Honda and Toyota's lead making cars 
> right
> first before adding geegaws.   Also, when Toyota (Lexus) adds a geegaw 
> like
> GPS, it frikkin works great and a 6th grader could figure it out without a
> manual.  Mercedes and BMW demand that you pull over and read a 75 page
> tomb...and even then, the information you get from these gadgets is near
> useless by comparison....and they charge about $4500 for this useless 
> thing.
> -TB

My brother works for Toypta/Lexus in their engineering dept.

I can tell you that they have their share of problems.  Lexus had to buy 
back many of the first cars with GPS because it just couldn't be made to 
work properly.

This is just one of many incidents I am aware of. 


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