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Re: Don't buy...

Marc,  Thanks for posting on this.  I haven't lost a bag, but I have 
noticed that the button latch on the top center of the bag loosened up 
over time.  I have snugged it up once, and will keep an eye on it.  You 
need to adjust this button latch bolt so that the center red latch has 
some resistance to it when you latch the bag on.  I suspect this is 
what let loose and allowed your bag to fall off.  You might check the 
other side to confirm this.

I regularly go 250 miles between fill ups.  Max is up over 265 to date. 
  I once went ten miles past the zero miles left warning on the display.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Aug 29, 2005, at 1:46 PM, Marco S Hyman wrote:

> "Tom Brown" writes:
>> I can tell you that, so far, I'm pretty thrilled with my 1200RT, 
>> though.  No
> I'm also thrilled with my R1200GS.   Took a nice little ride this 
> weekend
> and only had two regrets... I should have added another 100 miles on 
> Saturday
> and I wish my left side case hadn't fallen off the bike on Sunday :-(
>   http://www.snafu.org/smbc/trips/gardnerville05/p-20050828-130607.jpg
> is what a new GS side case looks like after it's been bounced around a
> highway for 45 minutes or so.   Full story at the bottom of this page:
>   http://www.snafu.org/smbc/trips/gardnerville05/
> // marc