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GS Side Case


I travelled to Canada with my RT.  My two friends rode an '02 Goldwing and a
new GS.   The GS had an incident that lunched one of his side cases as well.
When we were installing the new case, we found that the metal stud that holds
up the top of the case in the middle, was loose in its thread.   As I recall,
there was a lock nut or something that was not tight.   We adjusted the stud
until the bag fit snug, then tightened the lock nut down.   We checked the
other side and, sure enough, it was not locked down either, so we did the same
procedure on it.   No problems with loose bags after that.    Apparently the
dealers or the owners are supposed to adjust and lock these studs when you buy
the side cases.   I never saw the BMW directions that come with the side
cases, all I know is that both of these metal things were loose on this bike
and I've heard on this forum of others who've found this as well.    I've
never heard of one actually falling off before you, however.

You have my sympathies.   Although the bags are not cheap to replace, we had
ours delivered from BMW in about 24 hours.   There's one thing you won't find
on a Japanese or Italian bike.  I've been waiting for 3 months for a clutch
kit for my Aprilia Mille R.   Still not in.

- -TB

>"Tom Brown" writes:
 > >I can tell you that, so far, I'm pretty thrilled with my 1200RT, though.

>I'm also thrilled with my R1200GS.   Took a nice little ride this weekend
>and only had two regrets... I should have added another 100 miles on
>and I wish my left side case hadn't fallen off the bike on Sunday :-(