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Re: Any data for that statement?

In a message dated 8/30/05 4:50:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Well, you don't have to look too hard in the BMW CCA editorials to find
 someone who's had some nasy experience with a major component failing on a 
 BMW car.


Some good points BUT......................what I question is your original 
statement:"The cars are no longer made by skilled and educated German craftsmen 
and engineers.  They're made by underpaid workers in the Czek
 Republic, Poland, East Germany and underdeveloped places all over the world.
 The quality of the cars is suffering"

I'm not sure about the cars but it seems most bike workers are Turks and 
Pakastanis, do you know that the cars were ever assembled by "skilled and 
educated" Germans?  How is skill level measured?  "Underpaid workers"?  Are they 
underpaid if their pay is relatively high in their own country even though very low 
in others?  You seem to imply that it's impossible for quality to be 
maintained anywhere other than Germany,  where's the DATA to support that?  Even IF 
quality has gone down after switching production to other countries that doesn't 
necessarily prove that's the causal factor.

I believe in the old statement that "a fish rots from the head". Even IF 
problems started when production moved to other countries the cause still resides 
in Germany.

And yes, I really like my R1100RSL but superior?  It has just as many issues 
as anything else.