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Re: Whatcha got there??

Bob Hadden kbhadden@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Couple of questions.  Did you pull out the computer and extra parts?
>How much weight there?  How is the area around your feet with carbs
>right next to them?

(Quick answers, story later)

Computer remains, since I still need ignition.
Throttle position sensor cable has been dust-capped and secured under the
Fuel distribution manifold including pressure regulator was removed.
Fuel pump is no longer required, but I didn't go to the trouble of removing it
from the tank.
I opened the fuel pump fuse and painted it red to prevent pump from being
energized, since I did not install pressure-rated fuel line. However, the
carbs are pressure capable and pressurization is recommended to improve
performance. I may try that.
I didn't weigh them but I'd say the carbs are a bit heavier than the throttle
No significant weight change.
No clearance problem with my boots.
Original airbox tubes retained with additional sleeves & new manifolds.
Original twistgrip & choke lever utilized, looks fairly stock overall.
I'll take some pics and post them somewhere when I get the chance.

More nice things about the conversion:
Cable adjustments are FAR more ergonomic than with the throttle bodies (or the
Bing CVs on my R80/7 for that matter).
No pebbles will ever get caught in pulleys.
A fuel pump failure will never leave me stranded.
I already had an externally-mounted filter; depressurization mean less chance
that it will burst, spray fuel vapor on hot parts, subsequently explode.

John D