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Re: GS Side Case

 > cases, all I know is that both of these metal things were loose on this bike
 > and I've heard on this forum of others who've found this as well.    I've
 > never heard of one actually falling off before you, however.

My "metal things" are tight, but I won't know how well adjusted the left
side is until I pick up the new bag (tomorrow... they're in stock).

I can *NOT* say that I am certain that I mounted the bag correctly.  It
was off the bike during the trip and I don't remember checking that it
was good and snug after the last tinme I put it on the bike.   There is
nothing broken on the bike.   Everything was broken on the bags :-)
Too bad I couldn't tell if they broke before or after falling off the
bike and getting knocked around by traffic.

// marc


End of oilheads-digest V2 #197