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Any data, etc.


I don't know how you find the time to type such responses!  A lot of food
for thought, and I've long felt the same way about the decisions this
globe's population faces, a politically unpopular stance.

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> Who wants a used car that's so hopelessly complex and expensive to fix
> that a used car buyer can't possibly afford it?

I never owned a BMW car, but have test-driven them from time to time in the
last ten years.  I have a '98 Saab 9000CSE 5-speed that I plan to replace in
2008, but it is accumulating miles faster than my ten-year plan had
anticipated - because of new business.  Unfortunately, there is no new
replacement of its configuration on the market.  So, when the 2006 BMW
500-series wagon came out with a stick shift, I decided to check it out.
They only had an automatic on the lot, but the salesman showed it to me.

Well, all my worry three years ago about the longevity and fixability of my
R1150R's servo brakes was nothing compared to my reaction to BMW giving all
control of the 500's dashboard over to a touch-screen.  It isn't an isolated
accessory, but rather a central control of much of the car's systems.  I
can't imagine such a complex device giving years of service; so much relies
upon it that its failure would be a catastrophe.  I am no Luddite by any
means, but I agree that automakers should blend simplicity and quality.  Not
much profit in that.  And based upon your observations about BMW build
quality, my concerns about buying a technological marvel as the 500 wagon
may be justified.

Nonetheless, that BMW set my "new car fever" on fire.  And yet, all I really
want is a four-cylinder cavernous car with a big door on the back and a flat
floor behind the driver, with some pep and panache and VERY comfortable firm
seats, that will last ten years without repair expense out of proportion to
the purchase price.  So, after sitting in the stunning BMW cockpit, I am
still looking.

Oops!  I forgot; this is a motorcycle list.  M/C content:  I had a K1200S
for an hour and a K1200R for two hours last month.  Speechless.  I'd be
afraid to ride either on gravel roads the way I ride my Roadster/"gs."