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RE: Any data for that statement?

<<Less of the people are really car people.
They've commercialized enthusiasm and reduced it to a marketing tool.
people who buy the cars now don't have any idea what's great about them
and may never find out. (Thankfully, there are a few cars still made by
BMW that
are stonking performers that are very fun cars.)   They'll never drive
near their limits.   I see BMWs slowing up traffic and being driven by
blue-hairs and all manner of pig drivers now.   Chicks with cell phones
could care less what their driving so long as it has a roundel.>>

I've been saying for some time that if you stuck a BMW roundel on a
Buick at least half of the current BMW car drivers would be perfectly
happy with the Buick and in fact maybe happier when you consider that
Buick has consistently scored at or near the top of recent JD Powers

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