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Re: Whatcha Got There?

I use those GS intake tubes on my '94 RS for many years.  It gives better midrange torque but you'll lose top end speed, it'll still do 125 mph.
Bob Silas
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  "Tom Brown" tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx

  >>Original airbox tubes retained with additional sleeves & new manifolds.
  >Hey, you've come this far.  Have you tried GS tubes on this Frankenstein of
  >yours?   They give faster airflow which might help some of your smoothness
  >issues.   They're cheap too.   Just a thought.

  No, haven't tried the GS tubes but you're right, they might very well be even
  more beneficial for me than for a stock bike.

  Thanks for the congrats. Very interesting treatise on globalization and the
  marque's latest trials & tribulations.