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Re: Whatcha Got There?

On 9/1/05, Minor, Bob <Bminor@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The biggest gain from the GS tubes in my view is the elimination of the
> flat spot that occurs at 4K RPM.  Your link shows the torque numbers
> which confirms what most RS/RT riders clearly feel:  from 3.5K to 4K
> torque drops from 89 to 83.  With the GS tubes both the torque and HP
> curves are much smoother.

Compared to the old ("real" ;-)) '88 R80RT I find on my R1100RT that
the curves flatten out much sooner at the high end than I was used to
- - my '88 I usually pulled through all the way to redline, while the
'99 I find myself shifting around 6krpm or less. The charts seem to
indicate it'll become even less attractive to shift late (and,
personally, I'm quite pleased with the pull around 4krpm).

Could it be that my engine needs work? It is a bit less smooth
(vibration-wise) than the R80, which didn't have a very good
reputation to start with (being a late R80 with no flywheel)...

(question two: any Dutch wrenches here who would care to help me here? ;-))

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