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Re: Lets get back to oilheads... throttle body question

Here are some photos:



 From this thread on advRider:


- - Andrew

At 7:37 AM -0400 9/3/05, John Van Deren wrote:
>Thanks, Andrew,
>I wish we could post photos.  If the 28 feet of tubing are in a "u" 
>shape on the four foot board (using what sounds like about 10 feet 
>of the tubing), where is the remainder of the 28 feet?  I'm having a 
>little trouble visualizing what your vacuum gage looks like. 
>Anyway, I'll test for air leakage w/carb cleaner.  The tube clamps 
>are tight. I do have an old Carb Stik w/mercury that I never liked. 
>I may break it out and see if I can adjust the throttle stops as you 
>suggested.  I've never removed the BBSs and cleaned them so I'll do 
>that too.  I had done a careful valve adjustment (OVAD).  The engine 
>runs smoothly, but I'd like to determine why the BBSs are so uneven 
>in their setting and get the idle down a bit.  Thanks for your ideas.
>John Van Deren
>Montpelier, VT