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Re: Lets get back to oilheads... throttle body question

Great pictures and instructions on how to make the water gauge. Thanks.

I've have good luck with the TwinMax...

It's probably a bit easier to take on an extended trip than a water  
guage, although I suspect you could do a portable version with out a  
mounting board.

My '94 R1100RS too had the problem of one side, the right hand side,  
needing less air from the bleed screw. It turned out to be a worn  
throttle body shaft. Here's a good page (not mine) about the throttle  
bodies and includes pictures of what a worn TB shaft looks like...

I ended up replacing the TBs with used ones, but the page mentions  
replacement shafts and plates are available from Bing. They provide a  
chart with part numbers for the various models.

I've read you can test it by covering the bushing with grease. I did  
it and noticed an instant improvement. In fact, I used that as a  
temporary fix until I was able to find the used TBs.

Good luck with it.


On Sep 3, 2005, at 8:47 AM, Andrew Johnson wrote:

> Here are some photos:
> http://members.cox.net/hawk_gt/Manometer.jpg
> http://www.pbase.com/lookoutranch/image/32658744
> From this thread on advRider:
> http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91268
> - Andrew
> At 7:37 AM -0400 9/3/05, John Van Deren wrote: