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Re: Battery longevity?

Hello Dean,

From: "Dean Chowenhill" <dchowenhill@xxxxxxxxx>

> '95 GS - Starts fine never feels like it is turning over slowly,
> however I am experiencing the ABS not activating.  After I
> ride a mile or so, turn the bike off and re-start the ABS
> kicks in as expected.  Reading the manual, it seems that this
> may be related to a weak battery.  Checked the battery and
> the P.O. wrote on it "installed 10/01."  This means the battery
> is almost four years old. I ride regularly and rarely use my
> Battery Tender.  Time for new battery?

I assume you are running a conventional lead acid battery. Yes, your issues
sound like they are related to a battery that does not hold its charge well.
You may want to consider having your current battery "reconditioned" by a
qualified technician, but if I was experiencing your issues, I would replace

BTW, I ran a stock BMW battery in my '00 R1100S for four years across 20,000
km (yeah, not a lot, I know), storing it in Canadian winters in an unheated
garage, and it cranked extremely well during those four years, right up to
the day I munched it. I was in the habit of always putting the bike on the
Battery Tender when it was not in use. Note that you need a different Tender 
for lead acid versus gel batteries.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada