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Re: Lets get back to oilheads...throttle body question

In a message dated 9/2/05 6:48:05 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
r11rider@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Today I was adjusting the  throttle body synch on my 94 RS (110K miles) 
and noticed that the right  brass air bypass screw needed to be almost 
closed (clockwise) to attain  balance on the Twinmax. The left screw is a 
couple of turns out.  I  cannot get the idle low enough to suit 
me...about 1400 rpm is as low as I  can get it.  Does this indicate that 
the right throttle body has a  problem (wear)?  Do I have an air leak 
perhaps on one side?  Any  wisdom from the pros out there would be 
greatly appreciated.  BTW, I  use GS tubes.>>

Check and adjust your throttle  cable free play, and check the adjustment of 
your choke  cable.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA